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Conditions of membership:

        You know how to swim and you are 16 years old minimum.

        You know how to navigate: you can use the associative equipment after having justified your autonomy in navigation learned in a sailing school or by significant experience gained by the practice.

You do not know how to navigate: you can acquire the necessary knowledge by participating in TVL's internal training every Saturday afternoon during the navigation season.

You own your boat: you must prove the validity of your insurance and pay the right of navigation. You have (within the space available) a storage space for your equipment in the premises.

To register :

Apply by mail to:

Troyes Voiles Loisirs

To the attention of Mr. Bernard VICTOIRE

107 Bd Jules GUESDE

10000 TROYES

Or via the Internet by sending your request to: Each application is reviewed by the office and, after acceptance, a tutor is appointed to facilitate the integration of the new member.